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V048 Buddha Dragons Meditator
V049 Adele Angel 2
V050 Mosque Angel
V051 BaGua Dragons
V053TasteOfDivinity V054MerkabaMeditator V055MerkabaSpace
V056 Heaven Erath Angel
H117 Adele Angel Top
H118 Adele Angel Bottom
H119 Mosque

Beautiful Heart 2014

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The Gene Keys "Sprectrum of Consciousness Art" Gallery
(Depictions of Shadow and Light)

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Maximum gratitude to Jon Anderson for all his inspired creations - words and music.

Blessings to all beings in this time of great changes - The Great Turning.
May we all find more truth, love and understanding and renew/deepen our connection with our True Nature.
From the turbulence may we all find what is truly important. From the darkness may we come to see the light of Truth.
May we be in TRUTH, embracing All as the Global Family...and be good to one another, to ALL species, and our beautiful planet, Earth.