Awaken Visions by Daniel B. Holeman

I act as an ambassador for the Gene Keys Golden Path - that of awakening to the realization of our Unity and activating each individual's unique role in Life - their higher purpose hidden in their DNA.

The artwork is my creative expression with the theme of inspiring others to aspire to their own version of this awakening. Aspire to your highest potential - your unique expression of Divinity - the Whole.  This is what "Awaken Visions" means - to awaken the vision of OUR highest potential in life. It has the alternate meaning of the visions (images) that inspire awakening - depicting the Light of Consciousness - the emanating Source behind all existence.

I have spent my whole life exploring consciousness and life, and this Gene Keys work is by far the most effective system I have found. Especially powerful for those who are serious about finding true fulfillment through self-actualization and activating their higher purpose in life. The real deal, not some strategy to get what you think you want based on someone else's "breakthrough".

It is my honor to introduce you to the Gene Keys Golden Path.

It is honor to share the Art that comes through me, for you.

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