Awaken Visions by Daniel B. Holeman
Highly Recommended Movies List

(Pink Highlighted means a very special, meaningful must-see movie)

Highly Recommended Movies: (print out without background and take list to video store or Netflix)

Drama/Message Movies:
Sci-Fi / Fantasy:
A Few Good Men Ferris Bueller's Day Off On Golden Pond The Abyss After the Wedding (Danish)
A Hard Day's Night Field of Dreams One Giant Leap Bladerunner All About My Mother
A Beautiful Mind Fierce Grace Ordinary People Brainstorm Amelie
About A Boy Finding Neverland Pan's Labyrinth Bridge to Tarabithia Barbarian Invasions
Adaptation Forrest Gump Patch Adams Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind Central Station
Almost Famous The Game (intense) Pay It Forward Cocoon The Chorus
Amadeus Gandhi Philadelphia Contact Cinema Paradiso
American Beauty  The Golden Compass Phoebe in Wonderland Dead Zone (not scary) Departures (Japan)
Amistad  Good Night & Good Luck The Piano Dune Enchanted April
An American President Good Will Hunting Playing By Heart Enemy Mine Even the Rain
Australia Grand Canyon Pleasantville E.T. The Full Monty
AVATAR My Favorite all-time The Green Lantern Powder The Fellowship of the Ring Hero (Chinese)
Babel The Green Mile Pretty Woman The Fifth Element IL Postino (The Postman)
Beasts of the Southern Wild Greystoke, Lord of the Apes Prince of Tides Ghost Jodhaa Akbar
Before Sunrise Groundhog Day The Rainmaker Green Lantern King of Masks
Before Sunset Harry Potter  (All of them) Regarding Henry Hangar 18 Kolya
Being John Malkovich Hearts in Atlantis


Highlander (1) Life Is Beautiful
Being There The Help Robin Hood 2010 Inception Like Water for Chocolate
Benny & Joon Her Romeo and Juliet Lord of the Rings Trilogy The Lives of Others
Big Fish High Fidelity Room with a View MATRIX   Trilogy Man Facing Southeast
The Big Kahuna Holy Man The Saint Raiders of the Lost Ark Monsoon Wedding
Billy Elliot The Horsewhisperer Scent of a Woman Return of the King Motorcycle Diary
Braveheart (but violent) The House of D Sea Biscuit The Seventh Sign My Life as a Dog
The Bucket List I Am Sam Sex, Lies & Videotape The Sixth Sense Nowhere in Africa
The Breakfast Club I Heart Huckabees Shakespeare In Love Solaris RedBeard (1965)
Bridge To Tarabithia In America Shawshank Redemption Star Trek 1,2,3,4,6 & Nemesis Samsara
Brokeback Mountain Inception Sirens Star Trek 2009 The Sea Inside
Buck (documenrary) Ink Six Degrees of Separation Star Wars Movies (all 6) Secrets & Lies
Chain Reaction Instinct (Anthony Hopkins) Slingblade (intense) Stargate Shall We Dance? (Japan)
Changing Lanes Jerry McGuire Smoke Signals Starman Shirley Valentine
Chariots of Fire Just Between Friends Somewhere in Time Superman 1 Shine
Chocolate The King and I Stand By Me Terminator 2

Sliding Doors

Citizen Ruth K-PAX  Stepmom Total Recall Slumdog Millionaire
The Color Purple Last Samurai Syriana The Two Towers Story of the Weeping Camel
Coraline The Lego Movie The Tao Of Steve V for Vendetta Strangers in Good Company
Cider House Rules Les Miserables (1998) This is It (Michael Jackson) Watchmen Talk to Her
Crash Letters from Iwo Jima Thumbsucker X-Men 1st Class The Way Home
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Life As A House Thunderheart 2010 Space Odyssey Three Seasons
Dances With Wolves Little Miss Sunshine Traffic   Tsotsi
Dangerous Beauty LORD OF THE RINGS (all 3) Tuesdays with Morrie   Whale Rider
The DaVinci Code Magnolia Vanilla Sky   Wings of Desire
Day of the Dolphin Man from Snowy River The Visitor    
Dead Man Walking Man in the Iron Mask Wall Street    
Dead Poet's Society Man on Wire Wall Street Money Never Sleeps
The Devil's Advocate Man Without a Face We Bought a Zoo    
Divine Secrets of Ya-Ya Manchurain Candidate (2004) Weeds    
The Doctor Mao's Last Dancer What Dreams May Come    
Don Juan DeMarco Meet Joe Black What the Bleep Do We Know?    
Eat Pray Love Michael What About Me?  (2008 UK)    
Edward Scissorhands Miss Potter White Squall    
The Emperor's Club Monster's Ball Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill    
Erin Brockovich My Left Foot Winged Migration  
Eternal Sunshine My Life Yellow Submarine  
Fairytale: A True Story Nell Yes (2004 excellent drama)  
The Fall The Notebook (500) Days of Summer    
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(for those who like it)
Imporant   Documentaries
Watch many great documentaries FREE online here!
Children (of all ages):
Everyone should see these and share them with others:
Babe (animated)
Good Movie & Scary: The 11th Hour Howard Zinn  The Story of Stuff
(watch free online - 22 mins)
Black Stallion
Alien 2 America, From Freedom to Fascism Home Super Size Me  Bolt (animated)
Bram Stoker's Dracula (Gary Oldman) Bill Moyers - The Secret Government An Inconvenient Truth Thrive! Chicken Run (animated)
The Changeling (1980 George C Scott) Buck Inside Job (must see!) Trudell Ever After
Jacob's Ladder Capitalism - A Love Story Jesus Camp The True History of Marijuana Fantasia (animated)
Interview with a Vampire Carlyle Group * (watch free online!) Kymatica (watch free online!) The US vs John Lennon Little Lord Fauntleroy 
Poltergeist The Century of Self (BBC 4 episodes) Orwell Rolls in His Grave Walmart Mary Poppins
  The Corporation ** The Money Masters (watch free online!) War Made Easy Monsters Inc. (animated)
  The Cove The Most Dangerous Man In America Why We Fight The Neverending Story
  Earthlings (watch free online!) The Oil Factor The World According to Monsanto (watch free online!) Pinocchio (Disney) (animated)
  Enron (watch free online!) OutFoxed  The Yes Men Princess Mononoke (animated)
  Fahrenheit 9/11 The Power of Nightmares (watch free online!) Zeitgeist & Addendum (watch free online!) Ratatouille (animated)
  FLOW (about water) The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (watch free online!) Zeitgeist Moving Forward (The best one) The Secret Garden
  Food, Inc. (must see!!!) Queen of the Sun   Shrek 1 & 2 (animated)
  From Science to God by Peter Russell Sicko   Sound of Music
  Hidden Wars of Desert Storm Speaking Freely Vol 1 - John Perkins (must see!!!)   Spirited Away (animated)
    Speaking Freely Vol 3 - Ray McGovern (must see!!!)   Up (animated)
    Speaking Freely Vol 4 - Chalmers Johnson (must see!!!)   Wizard of OZ

*  Carlyle Group - Must see documentary documentary online exposing information on the Bush group and the Carlyle Group - the brains and money behind the Military-Industrial complex - those who profit hugely from war. This is important information for all to know about. A good film to tell all your friends to see.

** The Corporation - If you could only see one movie, see this one. It reveals information every human needs to know about our world. Watch this and share it with others. Same goes for Why We Fight and Food, Inc. and Capitalism A Love Story! - Must see by everyone - tell everyone to see it.

Why We Fight -  This is a MUST SEE documentary about the Military-Industrial Complex.  Information that needs to be known by every American about our country and what is really running things. Just go see it and get the DVD and share it with people. Here is some more details about it:

Honorable Mention - VERY worth seeing:
The Accidental Tourist The Commitments Fair Game The Lost Boys Saved!
Agatha of God Conan, the Barbarian Family Man Mass Appeal Secondhand Lions
Altered States Conspiracy Theory Fearless Men in Black Silkwood
Always The Constant Gardener Firestarter Metropolis (1984 Georgio Moroder) Silver Bullet
Andromeda Strain The Contender The Five People You Meet in Heaven Million Dollar Baby Sleepless In Seattle
Angels in America Crocodile Dundee (1) Flatliners The Miracle Worker Sluth (Michael Caine)
A Time to Kill The Crying Game Fried Green Tomatoes Mission to Mars South Pacific
A Trip to Bountiful Cyber Wars (Australian) Fright Night My Fair Lady St. Elmo's Fire
A Walk in the Clouds Dad Ghost Story Mystic Pizza Steel Magnolias
Back to the Future Dark City Ghost Writer National Velvet Terms of Endearment
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Das Boot Gladiator Norma Rae Thelma & Louise
Big The Day After Tomorrow Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Nothing In Common Thor 2010
The Big Chill Dead Again The Hurricane October Sky Titanic
Bliss Deep Impact Identity Off the Map Thank You For Smoking
The Boy Who Could Fly Defending Your Life Ink One Flew Over The Cucoo's Nest Tootsie
Bulworth Dirty Dancing Italian For Beginners Phantom of the Opera The Truman Show
Children of a Lesser God Dragonfly Karate Kid Phenomenon 12 Monkeys
Children of Men Dragonslayer Kiss of the Spider Woman Pieces of April War Games
China Syndrome Driving Miss Daisy Lady In The Water Pulp Fiction What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
City of Hope Educating Rita Lawnmower Man Rainman Wonder Boys
City Slickers 1 Ever After Last Temptation of Christ Robin and Marion You Can Count On Me
Coach Carter EXistenZ Life of Pi Rocky Young Sherlock Holmes
    The Lion in Winter    

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